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No, the MP3 is not dead, you can continue to use it on your Android

MP3 is not dead

During this weekend, a great amount of means have been echoed the news that affirms the cessation of the development of the MP3 format. As most of you know, this is an audio coding format used worldwide in a multitude of different devices. In fact, each and every one of our Android devices is compatible with this format.

And, although its creators have affirmed that, in effect, the MP3 is dead, the truth is that these statements are not quite correct, but rather, this has been the best thing that could happen to the MP3 in all its history, Because from this moment, it will be a completely free and free format, so that anyone who wants to use it without suffering the dreaded patent problems.

MP3 still has a lot of life

MP3 is not dead

So far, as noted in Gizmodo, any manufacturer or developer who, somehow, wanted to support the MP3 format in one of their devices or software should pay royalties to the Fraunhofer Institute. Despite this, very few decided to stop using this format to make the leap to more advanced, and to this day MP3 is one of the most widespread audio formats on the planet.

However, thanks to that from now will not be necessary to pay royalties, the MP3 becomes a totally free format and free. While it is true that today there are other more advanced formats that offer higher quality, this technology will continue to be present in our lives for a few more years.

So, if you are one of those nostalgic users who refuses to make the leap to new formats, or use streaming music services, you can rest easy: the MP3 format is more alive than ever, and you can Keep listening to your music on Android like so far.